Acrylic and modacrylic fibres contain groups that dissociate in dyebaths to form negatively charged fibre anions. These fibres are attracted to cations, either coloured or colourless, e.g., basic dyes or cationic levellers, which may be introduced into the dyebath. Mauvein, the first synthetic dye, was discovered in 1856 was a basic dye. Basic dyes are salts and also dissociate in water to give anions and cations. In basic dyes (unlike acid dyes) the coloured part of the salt is the cation and this is why they are often referred to as cationic dyes.

Auromine O

C.I.  Basic yellow 2  for Textile Dyeing

Basic Rhodanmine B500

C.I. Basic Violet 10 for Textile Dyeing

C.I. Food Red 15, D&C Red No. 19

Malachite Green

C.I. Basic Green 4 for Textile Dyeing

Methylene Blue 2B 100%

C.I. Basic Blue 9, Methylene Blue 2B for Textile Dyeing

Victoria Blue B

C.I. Basic Blue 26 for Textile Dyeing