Lanoxane Black CS

Lanoxane Black CS for Textile Dyeing

Lanoxane Bone CS

Lanoxane Bone CS for Textile Dyeing

Lanoxane Red AR

Acid  azo Red for Textile Dyeing

Laundry Blue

Laundry Powder for economy washing

Lavender Wool Wash

Laundry Liquid for wool washing

Lawn Green

Has been specifically designed as a non hazardous colourant for use in the lawn maintenance industry. The product carries no hazardous labelling yet meets the requirements as an effective high concentrate colourant for its end use.

Limox AS 150

Amine, Nitrogen & sulphide-free liming agent. Reduces lime swelling to achieve very flat leather, especially on small
skins. Has the added advantage of reducing the ammount of sulphide.

Limox B

Sulphide free liming agent. Organic sulphur compounds with a reducing effect.

 Allows to reduce the sulphide supply and to work sulphide-free. Provides scud-free, light-coloured pelts with much less noticeable pigment spots,
which is of advantage when manufacturing uncoated leathers.

Limox HSP

Sulphide free liming agent. Reduces lime swelling and accelerates the diffusion of liming chemicals.
Increases area yield and improves the quality and scud loosening. 

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