Malachite Green

C.I. Basic Green 4 for Textile Dyeing

Megashield ABW

 Stainblocker for regular acid dyeable Nylon 6 and 66 BCF type carpet yarn

Methylene Blue 2B 100%

C.I. Basic Blue 9, Methylene Blue 2B for Textile Dyeing

Meythrin A

IWS & CANESIS approved moth & beetle repellent for the treatment of wool, blends of wool with other fibres, feathers & hair.

Meythrin B

CANESIS approved Phosphate free, Bifenthrin based moth and beetle repellent for the protection of WO & WO blends with other fibres, feathers & hair against insect damage. 

Micronised Red Oxide 11

Micronised Iron Oxide for colouration of paints, plastics, rubber and concrete products and coating applications.

Micronised Yellow Oxide 42

Micronised Iron Oxide for colouration of paints, plastics, rubber, cement and concrete products and a variety of coating applications.

Multiscour 2201 New

Solvent scour for all fibres/fabrics with difficult to remove oils and waxes. Excellent emulsification.

Multishield BTS

Imparts stain resistance on all types of Nylon 6 and Nylon 66 carpets using conventional topical applications; spray, foam or continuous methods on PA carpets.

Multishield MM

Multishield MM is a fixing and reserving agent, that improves the wet fastness properties of dyed or printed polymide fibres, and of pure or blended fabrics. 

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