Perquench C

Reacts with, and neutralises the effect of these peroxide bleach residues allowing the reactive dye be

applied in the same bath following the bleach cycle giving important savings in water and heating

energy together with time savings which give increases in production capacity.

Perquench PK

Peroxide scavenger for one bath two stage combination bleach reactive dye process. IMO, GOTS approved, Global Organic Textile Standard approved. 

Phosphoric Acid

Used for fertilisers, soaps and detergents, inorganic phoshates, pickling and rust proofing metals, pharmaceuticals, sugar refining, gelatin manufacture, water treatment, animal feeds, electro-polishing, petrol additive, conversion coatings for metals, catalyst for ethanol manufacture, lakes for cotton dyeing, yeasts, soil stabiliser, waxes and polishes, binder for ceramics, activated carbon, in foods and carbonated beverages as acidulant and sequesterant, laboratory reagent.

Pigmafix Black NB

Pigmafix Black NB for Textile Printing

Pigmafix Black NG

Pigmafix Black NG for Textile Printing 

Pigmafix Blue 3G

Pigmafix Blue 3G for textile printing. APEO free, low VOC

Also used for colouration of seeds.

Pigmafix Blue 3R

C.I. Pigment Blue 15, Pigmafix Blue 3R for Textile Printing

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