C.I. Food Yellow 4, Tartrazine for Food Colouration

Tecapal ST-LF

Water-based stain remover for efficient removal of fat, oil and grease based impurities.

Can be used for combined scouring and dyeing of polyester. 

Tetra Sodium Pyro Phosphate

Tetra Sodium Pyrophosphate (TSPP) 

Texsoft 1000

Non yellowing softener suitable for all fibre substrates.
Blended silicone & secondary polyethylene emulsion.
Can be used for brushing purposes 

Texsoft BRS

Highly effective softener emulsion blend for brushing/napping natural fibres & their blends.
Resin stable. 

Texsoft CC

Blended of silicone & secondary polyethylene emulsion with excellent non-yellowing properties.
For brushing and general use natural fibres and their blends.

Texsoft E50

Microemulsion with low particle size offers excellent emulsion stability.
Micro silicone which improves tear strength, wrinkle recovery, elasticity and softness.
For all fibre types.
Apply by exhaust or pad.

Texsoft HCS Beads

Softener with antistatic and non yellowing properties for synthetic fibres and their blends.
Apply by pad or exhaust. 

Texsoft HRDK

Softener with very smooth handle and excellent sewing lubrication characteristics for woven
and knitted fabrics made of cotton, rayon, silk, wool, and their blends with synthetic fibres.  

Texsoft NI

Improves whiteness of optical whites on natural and synthetic fibres with lofty hand.
Resin stable.
Suitable for application by pad or exhaust.

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