The aim of liming is basically to remove the hair / epidermis and open up the fibre structure. The use of emulsifiers in liming to control the fat released during the hair removal stage is strongly recommended and the BORRON range contains suitable biodegradable products. A suitable liming agent to control swelling, reduce sulphide offers, help clean grain and control wrinkles. Our range of products has been well known for many years and today includes up to date environment friendly products.

The use of deliming agents improves the grain pattern.

Sequestering agents will prevent lime blast and soften water in all stages of process.


Dermox LB

Auxiliary for liming and deliming processes. DERMOX LB shows good binding power towards calcium and iron ions. Helps to prevent the formation of lime blast, gypsum and iron stains.

Dermox O

Deliming agent and pickle acid for the leather industry as well as soaking and pickling auxiliary for dressing fur skins.

Mixture of, water-soluble aliphatic dicarboxylic acids with masking effect & is a nitrogen, sulphate and chloride free
deliming and masking agent. Promotes removal of lime that is chemically bound to the skin substance and is often apparent in form of lime blasts. Forms particularly readily soluble calcium and sodium salts, and its accelerating effect on the deliming process is based on this property.

Limox AS 150

Amine, Nitrogen & sulphide-free liming agent. Reduces lime swelling to achieve very flat leather, especially on small
skins. Has the added advantage of reducing the ammount of sulphide.

Limox B

Sulphide free liming agent. Organic sulphur compounds with a reducing effect.

 Allows to reduce the sulphide supply and to work sulphide-free. Provides scud-free, light-coloured pelts with much less noticeable pigment spots,
which is of advantage when manufacturing uncoated leathers.

Limox HSP

Sulphide free liming agent. Reduces lime swelling and accelerates the diffusion of liming chemicals.
Increases area yield and improves the quality and scud loosening. 

Oxislip AU

 Slipping agent based on a polymer. Can be used in all drumming processes in the beam house and chrome.

Oxislip LEA

 Slipping agent based on a polymer. Can be used in all drumming processes in the beam house and chrome.