Oxifast ECO

Cationic Formaldehyde free wet fastness improver 

Verinol AL

Combination of ethoxylated amines and fatty alcohols. Ensures outstanding levelness on wool, dyed with OXIFUR acid dyes.

Levelling agent for acid dyes on wool on sheep skins.

Verinol DP

 Synergistic proprietary blend. Dye Leveller for wool and other hair and fur type below the boiling point
(e.g. 60-65°C), preferably at pH 4.5 with premetalised and acid dyestuffs. Biodegradable.

Verinol LP-M

Blended product based on an ethoxylated tallow amine. Provides increased penetration of the dye into the fibre thereby reducing
so called ring dyeing.

Verinol LU

Ethoxylated fatty amine sulphate. Due to its retarding effect it improves the compatibility and harmonizes the
penetration of the dyes, thus considerably improving both levelness and reproducibility. 

Verinol S140

Ethoxylated polyquaternary amine. Accelerant with affinity for leather. Improves the dye uptake in top dyeing with anionic dyes, and improves
the fixation of anionic dyes.